Silver Soland Pandemic Diseases

In a pandemic, Homeland Security won't arrive to help you for least 4 weeks.

When they do arrive - if you are contagious, they will build a barrier around you! That's not wild thinking either, containment always preceeds cure in an uncontrollable spread of disease. Look at the Sars story in Singapore. You have to take care of yourself! Just between us on this page - colloidal silver benefits can't touch this in prevention or protection.

Antibiotics have been over used and have caused greater problems then they can solve. Mutated pathogens such as MRSA, Acinetobacter, Leishmaniasis,and VRE are just a few that have recently become major problems globally.

"Bird flu has mutated to the point that it is contagious ten days before you show a fever."
Dr. Gordon Pederson 2009

In an animal-model study at a U.S. government National Institute of Health lab, The survival rate of mice increased by 100% against the deadly H5-N1 Bird Flu virus, when using the Silver Sol orally on a daily basis (also released in peer review journal)

The studies include more than an estimated 10,000 individual antimicrobial tests. It has been tested on a billion bacteriophage viruses!

"In a Pandemic or disease situation Silver Sol will be worth more than gold"
Dr. Gordon Pederson 2009

Silver Sol has hundreds of uses and can be taken many ways.

Do you believe in food storage? Silver Sol can stay good for 20 years in a cool dark place. When you are preparing a year's worth of food storage, don't forget to add Silver Sol. Silver Sol has been used in all kinds of water studies!

Realize that in a Pandemic - the health care system can't save you.

A detailed look of exactly how a flu virus is constructed.

Simply because they are just as at risk of being infected as you are, and they will have to hide to remain uncontaminated - just like you will. The governments of all countries involved and pharmaceutical drugs won't be able to help you (example Katrina).

- Tamiflu is the best Rx the medical community has against a viral out break and will only help about 38%. MD's can only prescribe what has been approved for their formulary. There is not a drug for every disease in the world. Vaccinations for bird flu, AIDS will not work because the diseases continue to mutate. Dr. Gordon Pederson

"Don't wonder what could have been. Be the bridge to a healthier life now!"

Dr. Gordon Pederson 2009

Remember it is metallic silver that has been used to preserve well being and prevent illness down through the centuries. Silver colloids have only been possible since the invention of electricity. No peer review papers have been published raving about colloidal silver benefits for over half a century. The nano technology behind the energized metallic silver solution, Silver Sol has revolutionized not just the silver solutions arena but brought the incredible benefits of natural silver back to humanity's awareness.

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