Colloidal SilverUses in the Home

Until 1975, the FDA actually authorized 132 colloidal silver uses. So what changed during those 47 years that the benefits of silver solutions were deemed to be not just fine, but effective in recent years? This can easily be summed up in three words – pharmaceutical corporations and lobbying. From 1975 onward, only very few colloidal silver uses have received approval, so the FDA granting safety approval on a Silver Sol product is a monumental breakthrough.

You may be interested to learn that though not colloidal, silver uses for antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial protection has gone on in connection with health care anyway. Recently, it was discovered in hospital use that elemental metals could help to greatly reduce hospital infections. Silver was compared with copper and proved to be the winner, by eliminating infections from urinary and coronal catheters. Now, the beneficial mechanisms of silver are being added to many things:

  • Silver laced antiseptic gloves, sutures, health industry tubing, gauze and bandages.
  • Hospital air ducts are being given silver lining to prevent the spread of infection and germs.
  • Silver ion coating on stainless steel surfaces is in use in some commercial kitchens. Samsung even makes an new silver ion washing bleach needed for purity
  • Clothing manufactures have recently begun marketing anti-microbal and anti-fungal socks that have threads of pure silver woven into them.
  • Washing machine manufacturers now have silver ions in some models with the selling point that no bleach is needed.
  • Natural swimming pools, those where no chemicals or chlorine is used have recently been designed to use sand and silver ionization in a traditional type filter system. The silver ions in the pool water has proven to be very stable, even more so than chlorine.

Colloidal silver uses for health and well being at home with Silver Sol are safer than those silver solutions not created with the precision and control of nano engineering and energized water. Not all silver water or colloidal silvers are created equal. In fact, colloidal silver due to its very nature of manufacture produces impurities in the solution.

Silver Sol is the only pure silver product of its kind.

Silver Sol has been the only silver solution given approvals in 80 years!

Unfortunately, many doctors are still caught up in the world of chemical drugs, at the mercy of the pharmaceutical industry. A great portion of the population is more interested in natural and holistic forms of medicine and health maintenance today, and Silver Sol products are the best choice in terms of reliably safe ppm of silver.

Silver Sol uses in the home offer you a myriad of benefits from disinfection of surfaces ,skin care or wound treatment and also oral daily supplements for health maintenance. In the event that an infectious illness going around attacks, Silver Sol Liquid is just what you need to support your immune system!



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