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Silver SolMedia Archives

We invite you to browse our video archive, which contains a collection of videos and audio interviews relating to Silver Sol. You'll find some great information about this incredible technology that anyone interested in or ready to buy colloidal silver really should check out.

Radio Interviews

Never one to be reticent in sharing all that he knows about the super advanced silver hydrosol product, Silver Sol - Keith Moeller of American Biotech Labs has been featured on some highly regarded radio shows.

Keith Moeller with Alex Jones

Tested for its effect on anthrax, influenza and much more, Silver Sol the super natural nano silver hydrosol is the topic of discussion on InfoWars during the H1N1 flu scare of Fall 2009. Here's the truth about why the average American doctor knows nothing or wants nothing to do with Silver Sol.

InfoWars (October 19, 2009) Listen to the Broadcast Here


Speaking Engagement Videos

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Video #1: Not all Silver is Equal

Keith Moeller, Vice President of American Biotech Labs, explains why the New Silver Solution is different from any other product out there.



Video #2: First Line of Defense for Your Family

You can safely and easily take the new silver solution, Silver Sol. After watching this, if you've been not quite sure you want to buy colloidal silver, you won't - you'll buy Silver Sol instead.



Video #3: New Technology Has Been Proven Safe and Effective

Silver Sol is unlike any other silver product you have ever seen before. American Biotech Labs holds a list of patents on Silver Sol, the only silver product of it's kind to be patented in over 80 years. It has been proven to be highly effective, non-toxic, has no known side-effects, is hospital and lab tested, in worldwide use, and contains no chemicals or preservatives.



Video #4: Is Silver Sol Proven to Work?

Part One


Part two



Video #5: MRSA

Learn about Silver Sol versus MRSA here. You won't get this level of prevention benefits if you buy colloidal silver.



Video #6: This Video Could Save Your Life!

Keith Moeller, Vice President of American Biotech Labs, gives a detailed overview of Silver Sol, and how it is technologically different from any other product out there.



Video # 7: Burns and Radiation Burns

Numerous studies show that Silver Sol has a positive affect on healing promotion in burns and radiation burns. This amazing silver solution actually causes healing to occur in half the time and with little to no scarring.



Video #8: Silver Sol and Soap

Super antimicrobal properties! Adding Silver Sol to liquid soap protects without the immune system degenerating side effects proven to be caused by chemical antimicrobal agents. This is the product that every person interested in making their world safer should buy. Colloidal silver is not capable of doing half of what nano silver Silver Sol can.



Video #9: Silver Sol and Antibiotics

Details from peer reviewed papers revealing the findings of Silver Sol and 19 antibiotics in independent laboratory testing.



Video #10: Silver Sol Even Works After Drying

Important information about applying Silver Sol to mesh masks, such as the type used for flu masks.



Video #11: Silver Sol Webinar with Dr. Gordon Pederson

Fascinating information filmed October 26, 2009

Click here to watch Dr. Godon Peterson - Silver Sol Webinar