Silver Particle Size Matters

Is Smaller Always Better In Silver Particles?

The statement “Smaller is always better” when it comes to silver nano-particles, is generally true, but only to a certain point. There is an optimal particle size for effectiveness of silver nano-particles. If the particle size becomes too small, the product loses effectiveness. This knowledge of optimal particle sizes has received patents on what is the most bio-active or most effective particle size. The rights to these particular particle sizes are patented, and no other company or person can legally make a similar product in decades to come.

"When comparing the bio-availabilities of colloidal silver and this new Silver, the range for the various colloidal solutions was 15% - 65%, while for The Silver Sol was over 99%. This means that an individual would have to take six times as much 15% bio-available silver to absorb the same amount in Silver Sol. Yet the concentrations in the Silver Sol were lower--and safer."Kenneth S. Friedman, Ph.D. - 2006

First, it was found that as the silver product dried, the 5-7 nanometer particles would pull together into clusters, as if they were a single particle (hence particle pictures shown to clients by minor company competitors). The extraordinary discovery was that the silver particles in the clusters don’t actually touch, but that the American Biotech Labs silver particles have a very unique charge barrier which pulls them together but does not let them actually touch, holding them within 2-3 nanometers of the other particles in the cluster. It was then found that as water was again added to the clusters, the individual 5-7 nanometer particles “appear to fly away from the core”, again able to act individually to promote health. Other silver products do not have these same unique charges that American Biotech Labs’ products have.

The second discovery was that the American Biotech Labs silver particles have a very rare and unique silver coating. Each pure silver particle has a very thin and unusual silver oxide coating, of what is indicated to be Ag4 04, an Ag² oxide. It was determined that this pure silver particle, with both the unique coating and electrical charge barrier, may be what makes American Biotech Labs’ silver products so much more effective than other silver products available on the market.

Third, it was found that the American Biotech Labs’ nano-silver particles emit a resonance or frequency. This resonance is the same frequency as that part of the ultraviolet spectrum that kills microbes. This frequency is unique, like a fingerprint, to American Biotech Labs’ silver products. The company has filed patents on the frequency. The catalytic action of this frequency emitted by the silver particles is part of the reason the American Biotech Labs’ nano-silver particles continue to function in the body even after the silver oxide coating is stripped away.


Detailed drawing of what makes Silver Sol products work better than any other silver solution.

A fourth and very important fact that was released in the scientific paper was that silver has a “second major use in human health–for the reduction of pain. In this application, the property involved is the high electrical conductivity and chemical inertness of the metal. Pain is reduced in mammals by short circuiting the electrical pain circuits.” It goes on to state; “the two properties of high conductivity and bacterial action are combined when using a silver aquasol,” which is another name for American Biotech Labs’ liquid nano-silver product.

A fifth
interesting note was released in the scientific paper. It states at the top of page five, “We examined some half a dozen commercially available “silver colloid” products from various manufacturers, but we spent considerably more time and attention on the product of the new manufacturer (American Biotech Labs).” It goes on to state that the reason they chose the
products by American Biotech Labs was because their products were made by an extraordinary process, that is patented.

Many ionic or colloidal silver makers claim that Silver Sol products are the same as theirs. Initially, it is doubtful that they have invested millions of dollars and decades into their research and manufacturing formulation. In all honesty, isn't that what all competitors claim in the face of such an industry leader?


Go With Proof - Not Claims

There is a great deal of professional evidence that proves the mechanism in this new elemental metallic silver solution, Silver Sol is not just completely unique, but capable of doing far more than historic solutions that fall under the ionic or colloidal categories.

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