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HowSilver Sol Works...

There is only one pure, powerful silver solution and it's Silver Sol.Silver Sol is subjected to a tremendous amount of energy, so that it will actually dissolve into water. Early colloidal silver solutions were produced at home using commonly available electrical equipment. These products are in the high side effect or danger realm at 300-3,000 ppm of silver - plus impurities created by their very process of manufacture.

Silver Sol has a consistent and accurate concentration of only 14 ppm, these home made Colloidal Silver Solutions could range from 300 to 3000 ppm. The high concentrations of solution from home colloidal silver makers are produced in an uncontrolled environment, and can lead to a skin discoloring condition know as Argyria. If the wrong type of manufacturing process is used, these colloidal silver solutions can contain silver salts that can be even more detrimental to your health. People have been harmed from improper manufacture of homemade colloidal silver.

Silver Sol is best silver solution available.

Before you buy colloidal silver, you should learn more about what makes Silver Sol different and the most natural choice!