What AreSilver Sol Solutions

Testing shows this nano silver to be safe for children and adults.Originally, making colloidal silver was a breakthrough in modern technology. That was 1928 when electricity revolutionized everything. Today though, there is just one phenomenal silver solution product that is surpassing everyones expectations in a myriad of applications.

It began with the creation of Silver Sol liquid. In testing and treatments, it was discovered that what was once originally created for oral doses was a godsend for burns and wounds. However, the idea was formed that the thin silver water could use some improvements to adhere better to wounded tissue and skin. Then medical professionals made the request for a solution that would remain on the skin more effectively than the liquid was making treatment possible.

What the creators of Silver Sol have accomplished in over a decade passed is incredible, making colloidal silver a dim proposition in comparison. Today, you have a choice between two revolutionary new nano-catalytic silver solution Silver Sol products for your personal use at home.


Silver Sol Liquid - Immune System Support

  • Clear, odorless
  • Virtually tasteless 
  • No preservatives
  • No additives
  • No artificial ingredients 

Silver Sol Liquid can be used for both oral and topical applications.

Silver Sol Gel - Skin & Body Care

  • Clear
  • Odorless 
  • Contains no alcohol
  • Contains no petroleum
  • Improved wound healing

The Silver Sol Gel was originally designed for major wound care, but testing showed that people also were reporting incredible results for numerous cosmetic applications with this new technology. So the company developed a new cosmetic application, Silver Sol Gel which helps promote natural healing. This gel is sold as a cosmetic. The active ingredient is the patented Silver Sol Technology at a powerful level of 24 ppm of nano silver particles.

The Silver Sol Gel is currently being used by millions of people all over the body. It has already become a necessary ingredient for many daily skin care routines, as it helps heal and instantly makes skin feel noticeably softer and youthful - within a few minutes. Not one person making colloidal silver will be able to reproduce this substance's benefits, it requires the special patented process to work in the way that it does.

What Is The New Silver Sol Gel ?

The gel is a new highly advanced nano silver technology application of the Silver Sol that helps in natural wound healing. Silver Sol Gel has some very specific advantages over regular cosmetic skin care or burn and wound care products:

It creates an almost instantaneous softening and rejuvenation when applied to the skin.

  • It provides moisture for wound healing and burn treatment and can be used on or in conjunction with any bandage already available in any first-aid medical kit.
  • It helps ease the discomfort associated with burns, wounds, bites or itching problems.
  • It has no smell, no alcohol and needs no refrigeration.
  • It will remain stable from 17° to 113° Fahrenheit. 
  • It is non-irritating to either the skin, mouth, or eyes.
  • It is not greasy, contains no alcohol, and if rubbed into the skin, will absorb within 2 minutes, leaving the skin with a wonderful soft, non sticky feeling.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.