Silver SolUses for Wellness

From healthier, more beautiful skin to improved wound healing - Silver Sol Gel offers everyone in your home many  benefits. That's just one small portion of the incredible health and wellness attributes and support you will gain from adding these phenomenal products to your daily routines.



Safe to apply to all areas of skin for wounds and skin care.

Applying Silver Sol to the facial skin makes it instantly softer, making it a wonderful skin care product along with your daily beauty regimen.

Adding Silver Sol to soap renders it antimicrobial in minutes for assistance in alleviating issues like jock itch. It is effective for fungal problems such as nail infections. Moles and warts, as doctors did many years ago, can safely remove them slowly over time.





Just one teaspoon of Silver Sol twice a day.

Unlike the heavier concentrations of silver in colloidal silver, uses of Silver Sol as a health supplement is very safe. There are no known side effects from using Silver Sol.

The daily dose for babies and children is obviously going to be much smaller than adults due to their body weight. The adult dosage is one teaspoon twice a day for health maintenance. For post infection immune support take two teaspoons twice a day.

Boost Your Immune System

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